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     Most car accidents occur in local traffic.  Nevertheless, they may result in significant property loss, bodily injury and pain and suffering to the driver, passengers and even pedestrians. The most common type of injuries are sprains and strains to the neck, mid back and lower back.  For these, the injured person will typically be transported from the accident scene by private vehicle or ambulance to the hospital for treatment.  Upon release from the hospital, the injured person may need follow-up treatment by a chiropractic doctor or physical therapist. Our firm will work out arrangements with the chiropractor or physical therapist to allow treatment without the requirement for your immediate payment. We will also work with the insurance company to settle payment for car damage and rental car reimbursement.


Medical Providers in typical car accident injury case:

  • Rescue Squad
  • Local or Regional Hospital
  • Emergency Room Physician
  • Radiology
  • Chiropractic Doctor or Physical Therapist

    All of these medical service providers are dedicated to your well-being.  We work to assure that you are fairly compensated and that these providers are paid.  In most cases, we can make arrangements with these providers to accept payment after your case is resolved.

Compensation for Injured Person


  • Medical bills (Rescue Squad, Hospital, Emergency Room Physicians, Radiologists, Chiropractor and Physical Therapist)
  • Lost Wages
  • Vehicle damage
  • Rental Car reimbursement
  • Pain and Suffering

Insurance Coverages


  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Medical Pay Coverage 
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage
  • Underinsured Motorist Coverage
  • Accident and Health
  • Life
  • Disability
  • Property Loss

    Insurance is extremely complex.  There are lots of pieces to the puzzle - including insurance law, contract law, the types of injuries, the causes of injuries and the person who caused the injuries.  All of these pieces directly shape the final outcome of your case.  We work to put the pieces together for your benefit.

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